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    Naveed operation to boost country-wide security (Video)

    KABUL (PAN): The Ministry of Defence on Wednesday said they have launched a new operation named Naveed across the country to bolster security of highways, logistic convoys and during security transition.

    The spokesman for the Ministry of Defence, Gen. Mohammad Zahir Azimi, told a press conference that the crucial Naveed operation would be planned and supervised by the Afghan National Army (ANA).

    The operation was launched on Wednesday across the country.

    It would be conducted in three phases over 18 months, where a range of issues would be addressed -- from maintaining security, enforcing good governance, purging militants, improving security in rural areas, tightening security of highways and roads -- to ensure safety of logistic convoys, he said.

    The focus would be on monitoring the country’s borders to stop militant infiltration and also to facilitate smooth security transition from the NATO-led forces to Afghan security personnel, he added.

    PAJHWOK/Ataullah Khpelwak