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    ANA copter on mission makes hard-landing

    KUNDUZ CITY (PAN): One person was injured after an Afghan National Army (ANA) helicopter evacuating marooned families made a hard-landing in northern Takhar province, officials said on Friday.

    Afghan army officials said the incident occurred on Thursday evening in the Ishkamish district when the helicopter belonging to the air force made an emergency landing after developing a technical fault.

    But deputy governor Farid Zaki told Pajhwok Afghan News the helicopter landed hard after one of its rotor blades hit a mountain.

    Before the incident, the helicopter had shifted 20 people stranded in floodwaters from the Shirdara village to Ishkamish district centre.

    Zaki said one person onboard the copter was injured and the rest stayed unhurt. A team of technicians was on its way to the scene to fix the helicopter, he added.

    The deputy governor said there were up to 100 people stranded in Shirdara village and that they would be evacuated to the district centre by another helicopter.