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    Kunar residents protest Pakistan’s missile attacks

    ASADABAD (PAN): Residents of two districts in eastern Kunar province on Saturday protested missile attacks from Pakistan.

    People coming from Dangam district joined residents of Asmar in the protest, chanting slogans like “death to Pakistani troops,” besides criticising the Afghan government for keeping mum over the cross border shelling and ignoring the displaced families.

    A tribal elder from Dangam, Haji Khan Jan, told Pajhwok Afghan News the demonstration was aimed at drawing attention of the authorities towards the missile shelling by Pakistani soldiers.

    “Officials have ignored our demands. We ask the Afghan government and the international community to put pressure on Pakistan to prevent its soldiers from firing missiles on civilian houses,'' he said.

    Another participant, Haji Muzamil, said:"Our children cannot go to schools and we have abandoned works at farm fields due to the attacks.”

    He said they were under constant attack, but the international community was silent despite the fact Afghanistan had entered strategic agreements with a number of foreign countries.

    Asmar district chief Musafir Khan Qayumzai said about 300 people took part in the rally in Zurbat Dag area.

    Missile attacks from Pakistan into border areas of Kunar have increased after 17 Pakistani soldiers were killed by rebels.

    Pakistan officials say the attackers had crossed the border from Afghanistan, a claim Afghan officials deny.