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    US, NATO condemn Nuristan attacks

    KABUL (PAN): The United States and NATO on Saturday condemned Friday morning’s attacks in Kamdesh district of eastern Nuristan province, where suicide bombers blew themselves up at the gate of a government compound, killing and wounding several civilians, including women and children. 

    “This reprehensible attack further illustrates that the Taliban and other insurgents have no respect for the lives of innocent Afghan civilians,” the US embassy in Kabul said in a statement.

    “The United States mourns the loss of life in Kamdesh, and our sympathies go to all the victims and their families.  We remain a steadfast partner of the Afghan people against the scourge of international terrorism.” 

    Meanwhile, NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) top commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John R. Allen condemned insurgent attack on the units of Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) in Kamdesh.  

    “Earlier today insurgents attacked elements of the Afghan Uniformed Police, Afghan Local Police and Afghan National Army (ANA).  The ANA, with support from coalition ground and air forces, quickly responded to this initial attack,” he said in a statement.

    He said the insurgents realising they could not defeat the ANSF once again turned their brutal attack against civilians. 

    He said the insurgents killed or seriously wounded a number of women and children in the battle. 

    “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of those killed and wounded by the Taliban,” he concluded.