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    Jalalabad hospital has problems: Dalil

    JALALABAD (PAN): Public Health Minister Dr. Suraya Dalil on Thursday said the Jalalabad Civil Hospital in Nangarhar province had administrative problems and shortcomings in management of healthcare services.

    Dalil, who visited several other hospitals after her arrival in the city, told reporters her trip was aimed at looking into the complaints the ministry had received from residents. The problems needed to be reviewed and fixed, she said.

    Her visit comes a week after media reports said patients at the hospital were facing a lot of problems due to mismanagement.

    Accompanied by a team, the minister acknowledged the hospital’s ageing building was in a dilapidated condition. “Its rooms are small, making the prevention of infectious diseases impossible,” she added.

    Health services and management of the hospital’s operation theatre, children and gynecology wards had shortcomings that needed to be reviewed, she admitted.

    The minister promised effective measures would be taken soon to take maximum advantage from the available resources and a long-term plan would be devised later to augment facilities.

    Additionally, the Fatima Zahra and Badodo hospitals would also be made operational. Dalil also acknowledged there were problems in the public health department as well.

    She said the civil hospital’s administration had promised to work for bringing improvement into health services despite its meagre resources.