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    Dry port revenue sees major boost

    HERAT CITY (PAN): The revenue of Torghondi dry port in western Herat province increased by 260 million afghanis over the past four months, compared to the corresponding period last year, an official said on Thursday.  

    The dry port income for the first four months of the current year stood at 717 million afs ($13.8 million), compared to 457 million afghanis in the corresponding period in 2011, Herat Customs Director Khaliqullah said.

    Attributing the revenue boost to improved administrative affairs and peace in the town, he said fuel, gas, iron and wood were among the principal imports from Turkmenistan through the dry port north of the western province.

    But Khaliq said the revenue of Islam Qala dry port for the past four months worked out at 225 billion afs, indicating a one billion afs reduction.