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    PAN most favoured after BBC

    KABUL (PAN): The BBC secured highest number of votes, followed by Pajhwok Afghan News, from people on a social network, Facebook, during a week-long competition.

    Facebook users replayed to a question "which media outlet is more trustworthy for you'' during the contest that ended on Thursday. A total of 3,868 facebook users voted for 49 media outlets as of 5:20pm Thursday. Of them, 1,256 votes cast in the favour of BBC and 836 voted for Pajhwok Afghan News (PAN).

    As well as 358 votes went to Spogmai Radio, 302 to Radio Liberty, 225 to Shamshad Television, 115 to Tolo, 101 to Sarnavisht Daily and 72 to Kabul News Television.  

    Eighty-six people wrote they believed in none of media outlets involved in the contest, but 37 others said no media of their choice was involved.