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    Bamyan protestors seek arms for security

    BAMYAN CITY (PAN): Members of the Mujahideen Council on Sunday staged a protest in central Bamyan province, asking the government to equip them to maintain security on highways.

    Nearly 1,000 people, including members of civil society groups and the Shura, participated in the demonstration against growing insecurity in the province, particularly on highways.

    “Highway insecurity has long been haunting the residents of Bamyan. We have taken to the streets to draw the authorities’ attention to the problem,” a spokesman for the Shura said.

    Mohammad Daud Sadaqat told Pajhwok Afghan News over the past month, 26 civilians from Bamyan were killed in Maidan Wardak, six in the Ghorband valley of Parwan and six soldiers on the Baghlan highway.

    Dozens of fuel tankers were torched on highways, jacking up fuel rates in the province, said the head of civil society network and human rights, Mohammad Ismail Zaki.

    At the end of the demonstration, a four-article resolution was issued and its copies handed over to the police headquarters, the UNAMA office, the National Directorate of Security and Human Rights Department.

    The protesters said if the government could not maintain security, they were ready to cooperate with authorities in securing highways of the province.