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    Govt issues third 3G licence to Roshan

    KABUL (PAN): The government on Saturday issued the third licence for activating the Third Generation (3G) internet system, a $25 million (1.2 billion afghanis) project, to Roshan private telecommunication company.

    An improved system compared to digital and analogue regimes, the 3G technology provides a high-speed internet facility for mobile phones.  The system has the capability of face-to-face video calls on mobile phone sets.

    A contract to the effect was signed between representatives of the Telecommunication and Information Technology Ministry and the Roshan Telecom company in Kabul on Saturday.

    Afghanistan Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (ATRA) director Abdul Wakil Shergul said telecom services played a vital role in humanitarian development. He said the ministry had provided and executed various policies on improving telecommunication services across the country over the past decade.

    Currently, he said, eight percent of the country’s populations had access to internet across the country. The percentage would be increased to 50 over next two years, he promised.

    Another official, Ghulam Jilani Waziri, said that awarding the licence to Roshan would result into increased competition, which would lead to high quality intent services for mobile users.  He called insecurity main problem hindering efforts at development activities.

    Roshan telecom company director Karim Khwaja said the firm would intensify its efforts at providing high quality internet services to the people of Afghanistan.

    "After receiving this licence, we will provide the people with high quality internet across the country. Our customers will be able to see images of their friends on their mobile sets," he said.