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    Foreigners fanning sectarianism in Afghanistan: MPs

    KABUL (PAN): A number of Wolesi Jirga, or lower house, members on Monday claimed that some foreigners -- in a bid to achieve their goals in Afghanistan -- were fanning sectarian differences among the Afghans.

    On Saturday, one Kabul University student was killed and 28 others were injured in violent clashes triggered by an attempt by Shiite students to flagellate themselves at the main mosque on the campus.

    Nader Shah Bahar, a parliamentarian from western Ghor province, asked the authorities to take stern action over the violent clashes between Kabul University students and give harsh punishment to the culprits.

    Mohammad Hussain Nasiri, another lawmaker from central Maidan Wardak province, held a similar view. The country would face a major crisis if security organs failed to identify the elements, he warned.

    On Sunday, the lower house tasked a commission, led by Deputy Speaker Mohammad Zahir Qadir, with investigating the clashes that led to the closure of four state-run universities in Kabul.

    Speaking on behalf of the parliamentary body, Mohammad Kiram Reza Zada, said a student from northern Sar-i-Pul province was killed and 13 others were injured.

    Rezazada, hailing from Ghor province, believed the incident was planned by the country’s enemies. He asked all Afghans to join hands for foiling such plots.

    Zahir Qadir, the commission’s head, said: "We have an accurate report on who is behind the incident. We will present to the house our findings once our investigation is completed."