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    MPs accuse Pakistan of orchestrating Khalid assassination attempt

    KABUL (PAN): Some member of Wolesi Jirga, or lower house of parliament, on Saturday accused Pakistan of orchestrating the failed assassination attempt on the Afghan intelligence chief Asadullah Khalid.

    Khalid was severely wounded on Thursday when a suicide bomber posing as a Taliban peace emissary blew himself up inside a National Directorate of Security guesthouse in the Taimani neighborhood of Kaul.

    In Saturday’s session, lawmakers strongly condemned the attack and asked urgent investigation of the case.

    Fawzia Kofi, a lawmaker from Badakhshan province, said the attack on the NDS chief showed that all the anti-Pakistan figures in Afghanistan have been killed as a result of suicide and terrorist attacks.

     “For Afghan government and people, the message of such attacks is to know that Pakistan wants to impose its agendas in Afghanistan,” she said.

    She accused Pakistan of attacking on the intelligence chief while calling on security personnel to revise their intelligence methods and detecting of crimes. The people of Afghanistan should know that Pakistan never has good wish for Afghanistan, she said.

    The attack showed that NDS could not prevent attack on its chief, so what should expect people from the spy agency, she added.

    Another MP, Farkhanda Zahra Nadari, condemned the attack, saying the incident should be investigated and should not be forgotten like other attacks.

    This time, the biggest institution of the country involved in the security of the country, was attacked, another legislator, Gulam Husain Nasiri, said.

    “Taliban are freed from jails and on the other hand Afghan people and figures are being. Officials should be responsible for that, “ Fatima Aziz, another lawmaker, said while criticizing on the release of Taliban during the peace process.

     The High Peace Council should be dismissed because it has no achievement, he urged.