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    Shujayee to be held in a week: Patang

    KABUL (PAN): Interior Minister Mujtaba Patang on Saturday promised the alleged serial killer, Hakim Shujayee, would be detained during the current week.

    A local police commander, Shujayee is accused of killing zones of people a few months ago in central Uruzgan province.

    Summoned by the Wolesi Jirga, the minister said they could not detainee the outlaw because he had fled to remote areas between Uruzgan and Ghazni provinces.

    Ministry detectives had identified Shujayee’s location and would arrest him within a week, Patang assured the lower house.

    A public representative from Uruzgan, Obaidullah Barakzai, said Shujayee hailed from the Ajristan district of Ghazni and shifted to Uruzgan three years ago.

    The fugitive had killed 121 people, including tribal elders, the MP said. “Shujayee could not be a local police commander in Uruzgan, because he is from Ghazni...”

    A lawmaker from central Logar province, Sahib Khan, told the minister: “Shujayee and other people like him are supported by the Presidential Palace. If you can’t arrest him, let us discuss the issue with the Presidential Palace.”

    Initial investigations should have been completed by the ministry before the fugitive’s arrest orders were issued, said a lawmaker from Ghazni, Ali Akbar Qasimi.

    Shujayee is being subjected to regional and racial bias, according to Qasimi, who said several other warlords had also committed massacres in Uruzgan. Both the legislators and the commander belong to the Hazara tribe.

    But Barakzai insisted there was no racial aspect to the case against Shujayee. Eighteen people from the Hazara tribe had registered cases against him, the MP explained. “We support the oppressed against the oppressors.”