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    Woman gets divorce amid threats

     JALALABAD (PAN): A 20-year-old woman on Sunday got divorce from her husband through the court of appeals in eastern Nangarhar province.

    The court verdict came amid reports that the woman, Diwa, had invited the wrath of a judge by refusing to marry him in return for a verdict in her favour.

    The judge has been secretly taped by a journalist, allegedly demanding a $2,000 bribe or a marriage from Diwa seeking his help in her divorce case.

    The proceedings took place behind closed doors in Jalalabad, the capital of eastern Nangarhar province, where Diwa divorced from her spouse.

    Leaving the courtroom, Diwa told reporters she had received threats from many people, including her former husband and the judge.

    She claimed receiving phone calls threatening her with death. "The callers warned me they would not let me live after entering enmity with the judge. In each threatening call, I was told my days are numbered."

    Diwa said her ex-husband had told the jury that she had illicit relations with men, but failed to produce any proof in support of his claim.

    Without giving his name, the husband said her spouse had illicit ties with her colleagues in the office where she worked.

    The accused judge had flown to America, a reliable source in the Appellate Court told Pajhwok Afghan News. He had been dismissed by the Supreme Court and after that he did not come to the court, Judge Fazal Hadi said.

    About another two judges who had allegedly sough bribes from Diwa, Hadi said the pair had been transferred to other provinces.