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    3-fold cut in Internet prices announced

    KABUL (PAN): Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amirzai Sangin on Tuesday announced a three-fold cut in the price of fibre optic Internet services in the country.

    The monthly one megabyte price had been brought down from $300 (15,000 afs) to $97, the minister said, explaining that the rate cut was effective from today.

    Addressing a news conference in Kabul, Sangin promised the price, to be reviewed every six months, would further decrease with the fiber optic network expansion.

    All companies with operational licences would be given Internet services at lower rates, the minister said, adding the firms would find it easy passing the benefit on to their customers. 

    "By reducing the rates and expanding Internet services, we are trying to offer all citizens the facility to speed up the journey to the world of information technology and widen our links with the global fraternity,” he remarked.

    The fibre optic network, extended through underground cables, facilitated high-quality radio, TV, telephone and Internet services at lower prices, the minister said. For a year, the network has been operational in many provinces and has earned over $60 million in revenue. 

    Currently, Afghanistan purchases 150 megabytes from Iran, 350 from Uzbekistan and 600 from Pakistan through the fiber optic network, according to Sangin.

    He added Iran sold each megabyte to Afghanistan for $350, Uzbekistan for $1,000 and Pakistan of $160. But negotiations with the three countries were ongoing on decreasing of the prices, Sangin concluded.