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    Khalid says recovering fast from wounds

    KABUL (PAN): Afghan spymaster Asadullah Khalid, who sustained critical wounds during a suicide attack last month, on Sunday appeared in a video clip, saying he was recovering fast.

    "I am getting well with each passing day after a surgery was successfully performed on me," the National Directorate of Security chief said in the video released by the Presidential Palace.

    Khalid said before his operations, he could not move his limbs due to deep injuries. "But now I can move them and walk."

    He had rods removed from his hands, said Khalid, who expressed his gratitude to all well-wishers and President Hamid Karzai and doctors from the United State for taking care of him.

    Khalid was seriously wounded in the December 6 suicide attack that rocked his guesthouse in the Taimani neighbourhood of the capital.