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    Afghan govt ready to build Khan’s tomb

    JALALABAD (PAN): The Nangarhar government on Saturday said it was ready to build renowned Pakhtun nationalist leader Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan’s mausoleum, if allowed by his family.

    Better known as Bacha Khan, the preacher of non-violence died on Jan. 20, 1988 in Pakistan and buried according to his will in Jalalabad, the capital city of eastern Nangarhar province.

    His 25th death anniversary will be commemorated on Monday in Peshawar. The Bacha Khan Centre launched construction work on the tomb six years ago. But the project remains far from completed.

    In an exclusive interview Pajhwok Afghan News, Nangarhar Director of Information Awrang Samim said if Bacha Khan’s family or the Awami National Party (ANP) could construct the tomb, they should let the Afghan government do the job.

    Khan’s family had been told several times that the Afghan government was willing to construct his tomb, he said. In response, the director added, they would send some engineers who had no experience.

    Khan worked for the awareness and welfare of all Pakhtuns, Samim said, adding: “They should allow us to share the issue with the central government.”

    The Afghan government had also failed to play any proactive role in construction of the mausoleum, alleged the chairman of Writers and Journalists Association, Lal Pacha Azmun, also an associate professor.

    Mohammad Asif Shinwari, a follower of the champion of non-violence, said the Bacha Khan Centre had promised at Khan’s 19th death anniversary the construction of a school in the province.

    He alleged that both Walibagh and ANP, enjoying being part of the Pakistan government, paid little heed to the tomb of the veteran Pakhtun leader.

    An ANP spokesman, Mustafa Malak, said: “The general secretary of the party, Arbab Tahir, has launched work on the grave. The task will be completed in near future.”