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    Turkey to rebuild Aliabad hospital

    KABUL (PAN): The Turkish government would reconstruct the Aliabad Hospital in Kabul and train its staff on midwifery, nursing and anesthesia, officials said on Sunday.

    Besides training 49 health workers, Turkey would add a 200-bed building to the hospital, promised Turkish Ambassador Basat Ozturk at a ceremony here.

    Following its reconstruction, the hospital would offer treatment and teaching opportunities, he said, adding Turkish doctors would also examine patients and train their Afghan counterparts.

    Dr. Mohammad Masoom Azizi, the hospital director, hailed Turkish assistance, saying the construction work would start over the next two months.

    For the first six months after its reconstruction, the hospital would be run by Turkish doctors, he said. For six years, both Afghan and Turkish doctors will work together.

    The hospital was built in 1933 by the Turkish government, which is now reconstructing the facility, Azizi said.

    While welcoming Turkish aid, Public Health Minister Dr. Suraya Dalil told reporters the 49 medics would be trained for three to six months in Turkey. The training would be jointly funded, with Turkey pay more.

    Dr. Kanishka Turkistani, a spokesman for the ministry, said 350 medical personals were sent abroad this year for specialisation.