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    Drugs seized at Kabul airport

    KABUL (PAN): Border police officers on Sunday seized more than two kilograms of heroin at the Kabul International Airport before the departure of a flight to New Delhi.

    A man identified as Syed Adil was detained for concealing 2.132kg of drugs in a bag before he could embark on a Safi Airways aircraft for New Delhi, the airport border police commander Brig. Gen. Juma Khan Adeel told reporters.

    He said the installation of x-ray scanners at the airport had made it impossible to smuggle drugs to foreign countries through the airport.

    The alleged drug smuggler was detained after a machine detected the stuff in his luggage, the police official said, adding every passenger was searched through five scanners.

    The seizure was the first since last year when 18 drug traffickers were detained at the airport.