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    Children in 10 Ghazni villages denied school admission

    GHAZNI CITY (PAN): Residents of ten villages in southern Ghazni province have started a fund-raising campaign to build a school on their own after their children were denied admissions to a school by other residents in the Qarabagh district.

    The campaign began after residents of five villages said they would not let children from other areas to study in the Malook school, a resident of Mir Khan Village, Abdul Rahman told Pajhwok Afghan News.

    He said they had time and again tried to resolve the problem, but failed and then decided to build a new school for their children through a fund-raising campaign.

    People in Sangi, Sarpost, Jilam, Hajji Mir Jan Qala and Hotakan villages had asked residents of Mir Khan, Juri, Tarinan, Malook, Niazi, Rozi Qala, Gor Kakh, Hajji Khan Mohammad Qala, Jamalkhel and Wati Qala not to send their kids to the school, Rahman said.

    Tribal elder from Jamalkhel village, Abdul Razaq, said residents in 10 villages had decided to contribute 500 afghanis ( nearly $10) per family to purchase a land for the proposed school.

    He asked the education department to help them get the school approved and constructed in order their children were not deprived of education.

    However, an education department official Abdullah Nashir rejected the assertion that children of some villages were denied admission in the school. He said the school had been built for residents of all the 15 villages.