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    Helmand residents stage protest rally in Kabul

    KABUL (PAN): Dozens of people coming all the way from southern Helmand province to this central capital on Saturday staged a protest demonstration, asking the government to resolve their problems regarding health, security and electricity.

    Participants of the rally gathered in front of parliament house and then started marching on road leading to the Ministry of Power and Energy.

    Mohammad Wali Alizai, a lawmaker who took part in the demo, said all neighbouring provinces had electricity but Helmand remained in the dark.

    "We have long been ignored with regard to electricity. People are suffering due no security, dilapidated roads and poor health facilities in Helmand," said the MP, who warned of continuing the protest until their demands were met.

    Water and Energy Minister Mohammad Ismail Khan held talks with some representatives of the protesting residents. He promised to send a delegation to the province to look into electricity-related problems.

    Ahmad Zirak, Helmand governor's spokesman, rejected protestors' allegations as baseless, saying the security situation in Helmand had improved and residents availed many facilities, including power.