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    NATO forces' withdrawal begins as new chief arrives

    KABUL (PAN): NATO- led forces in Afghanistan began withdrawal on Sunday when Pakistan cleared 25 containers of their consignment entering the country via the Torkham border-crossing.

    Pakistani customs officials at the dry port confirmed to, an influential Pakistani media organisation, that the international troops' drawdown from Afghanistan had initiated. They added a convoy of 25 containers was provided with routine security for its journey from Torkham to Karachi via the motorway.

    Custom officials had also confirmed that several containers of the NATO consignment were examined and cleared after they had crossed into Pakistan from Afghanistan.

    The first phase began as US General Joseph Dunford assumed command of NATO forces in Afghanistan on Sunday, taking over from General John Allen.
    Marine general Dunford will likely be the last commander of the United States’ longest war, tasked with bringing forces home after more than 11 years and overseeing the transfer of Afghan security duties to local forces.