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    Computerised ID cards key to transparent vote: Sadat

    KABUL (PAN):  A 34-member parliamentary group called” Risalat” on Monday said computerised identity cards were crucial to ensuring transparency in next presidential and provincial council elections.

    The group's secretary Dr. Zaheer Sadat told a press conference in Kabul the government should act on its election pledges including no interference into the electoral body's affairs.

    He asked the government to distribute the cards ahead of the presidential election due next year in order the election commission could issue voter lists.

    "The IEC, political parties and other influential individuals should join hands to work for fair and free elections and keep the government away from meddling," Sadat said, asking the international community to assist Afghans to conduct transparent elections.

    He also suggested the presidential ballot should not be conducted during the month of March because residents in snow-bound areas could face problems in exercising their right to vote as a result of road blockades.

    Another member of the parliamentary group, Abdul Hafiz Mansoor, claimed the government was planning to organise a big gathering that would describe the country's situation as unfavourable for holding the election in a bid to delay the vote and prolong the incumbent regime's stay in power.