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    UNAMA looks forward to receiving Afghan panel's report

    KABUL (PAN): The United Nations Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) on Monday welcomed the findings and recommendations by President Hamid Karzai’s fact-finding delegation tasked to investigate torture and ill-treatment of detainees by Afghan authorities.

    In a statement, the mission said it had not yet received a copy of the delegation’s report, but welcomed the panel's establishment and its work.

    The delegation said it found the existence of torture of Afghan detainees at the time of arrest and during investigation by Afghan police and national security officials.

    It reported that almost 48 percent of those interviewed had said they were tortured, and 66 percent said they had no access to defence lawyers. The delegation proposed 11 recommendations to relevant Afghan institutions to address torture, ill-treatment and prolonged illegal detention.

    UNAMA welcomed the Afghan government’s attention and increased efforts to address the serious problem in Afghan detention facilities.

    "UNAMA looks forward to receiving and reviewing the delegation’s report, and providing follow up suggestions to improve detention policies and practices."