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    Khost tribal council backs ulema conference

    KHOST CITY (PAN): The Tribal Solidarity Council of southeastern Khost province on Wednesday stoutly supported an upcoming gathering involving hundreds of Afghan and Pakistani religious scholars.

    Around 500 religious scholars from the two countries will attend the conference in Kabul on March 10. The two sides have agreed on discussing a number of issues at their first meeting. The participants will also confer on stability across the Muslim world.

    Participants of the conference will take a decision (on suicide attacks) in light of Islamic teachings. Working groups from both countries will meet in coming weeks.

    Some 300 elders and representatives of civil society as well as youth met at the Tribal Solidarity Council office in Khost City, voicing support for the initiative. 

    Mir Zaman Sabari, the council’s deputy head, said: “Religious scholars being influential members of society have large followings and people act on what they say.”

    He hoped the ulema would take effective decisions on ending the current wave of insecurity in the neighbouring countries. He also praised the efforts at opening the Taliban’s political bureau in Qatar.

    Provincial council head, Syed Karim Khaksar, also backed the planned conference. He urged the ulema to explore ways of bringing lasting peace and stability to the region.

    Eng. Mazar Ali, an elder from the Ismailkhel tribe, believed the religious scholars could play a crucial role in eradicating violence. He said history was witness to the fact that ulema had been be a strong voice for peace in the region.