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    Afghan-India-US dialogue in Delhi this week

    WASHINGTON (PAN): The second round of trilateral dialogue among Afghanistan, India and the US would be held in New Delhi on February 19, the State Department announced on Friday.

    “The United States, India and Afghanistan all share a common vision for a strong, peaceful and prosperous region and have pledged to work together on common challenges and opportunities,” the department said.

    In statement, the State Department said the common challenges included combating violent extremism, strengthening cultural exchanges and increasing regional trade and economic integration. 

    The US delegation will be led by Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Robert Blake and Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Dan Feldman.

    The inaugural round of the trilateral consultations was held at the Afghan Mission in New York on September 25 last year.

    “The trilateral reflects our mutual commitments to transparency and coordination as Afghanistan continues with it ongoing security, economic and political transitions,” the State Department said.