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    Cabinet discusses revised draft law on mines

    KABUL (PAN): A Cabinet meeting, chaired by President Hamid Karzai, on Monday discussed in detail a revised draft law on mines and petroleum, calling the law crucial to the country's economic development.

    Presented by the ministries of justice and mines, the draft law had been revised and evaluated by a special committee the Cabinet appointed on July. 14, 2012, the Presidential Palace said in a statement.

    The Cabinet ministers floated suggestions on further amendments to the new law which has 19 chapters and 112 articles.

    The draft law outlines general information about the mining sector, duties and responsibilities of staff, reserved areas and prohibited sites, agreements and licenses, fee management and infrastructure.

    The Karzai Office said the proposed law could play a crucial role in bringing about economic prosperity and serving the country's national interests.

    It said justice and mines ministers had been tasked with assessing the proposals and suggestions from the Cabinet members on royalty and ban on the transfer of extraction licenses and recommendations on improving miners' capacity and bringing reforms to bidding process.