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    Residents turning to Taliban for justice: IWA

    KABUL (PAN): “Lack of access to justice and the rampant corruption in the judicial system have forced people into taking their cases to Taliban courts,” the Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) said in on Tuesday.

    The dark assessment came in a report that was released in Kabul, with the independent organisation saying it had closely monitored the judicial system and ascertained people’s views in central Bamyan and Kapisa provinces over the past 18 months.

    Haris Jahangir, an IWA member, expressed grave concern at brazen corruption in the judicial sector. He said efforts by the international community and the Afghan government had failed to address the issue.

    People had inadequate access to justice, because of the flawed legal system of the government, the IWA official observed. As a result, most residents of the two provinces approached Taliban courts in search of justice, he added.

    Most courts lacked professional judges and there was no proper system of accountability for court officials, Jahangir added.

    Yama Turabi, IWA chairman, told Pajhwok Afghan News 14 percent of cases were filed with courts in Bamyan and Kapisa over the past three months. The remaining 86 percent were decided in judges’ residences or private offices, he claimed.

    Huge amounts of money were required for the trial of cases in court, and that was why the people referred approaching the Taliban for justice, Turabi concluded.