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    1500 ANA soldiers, officers complete training

    KABUL (PAN): Up to 1,500 soldiers and officers of the Afghan National Army (ANA) have completed professional training, officials said on Wednesday.

    At a ceremony, the soldiers and officers from the 200th brigade, including 10 females, took the oath of allegiance on completion of three months training.

    Kabul Military Training Centre (KMTC) Commander Brig. Gen. Aminullah Patyani said since the inception of the ANA, more than 178,000 soldiers, including 100 women, had been trained at the centre.

    Nearly 6,000 others are currently under treatment, the commander added.

    Inayatullah Nazari, the deputy defence minister, insisted on unity, discipline and participation of people from all tribes for a balanced and strong military.

    One of the trainees, Abdul Husain Ikrami, said he was happy over receiving the training and working for the army. He asked all youth to join the ANA to defend their country, religion and honour.