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    Etisalat set to launch 4G Internet service

    KABUL (PAN): Etisalat on Tuesday it would soon launch in Afghanistan the superfast 4G Internet service -- also referred to as Long-Term Evolution (LTE) -- which offers speeds up to five times faster than 3G.

    The UAE-based telecom giant said in a statement it would offer Internet speed of up to 100mbps that it would be effective, particularly in downloading a large amount of data.

    "With more important parts of our lives going online by the day, 4G will enable a fully-connected world where nearly all of our digital devices are mobile-enabled and a result have become more flexible and integrated into our daily lives," it added.

    According to the statement, consumers on the go will be able to watch TV, make video calls, shop online and access social media, entertainment and information more easily.

    Etisalat CEO Ahmed Al-Hosany said the company was an innovative pacesetter. "Today, I am delighted to announce Etisalat has successfully conducted its test of the 4G LTE, reflecting our ongoing commitment to bring the latest and most innovative technologies to the people of Afghanistan.”

    Chief Commercial Officer Yasser Aboul Amayem called the fourth generation of mobile technology the next step in the evolution of mobile network technology. "This achievement would place Etisalat in a very strong position to continue to offer differentiated services and superior customer experience."