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    Ghazni residents longing for uplift plans

    GHAZNI CITY (PAN): Residents of southern Ghazni province on Wednesday said the government has been unable to launch development projects in areas where local police forces had been raised. 

    A resident of Mir Khan area in Qarabagh district, Khan, told Pajhwok Afghan News that so far no uplift scheme had been executed in their area over the past decade.

    He said earlier security had been a problem in executing projects, but that problem was resolved to some extent with the deployment of local police.

    Residents of three other towns -- Muqur, Andar and Dih Yak -- came up with similar views, but added unemployment as another problem they faced.

    “Hundreds of people have no job. Children study at homes and not a single bridge has so far been built for us”, a tribal leader in Dih Yak, Haji Bismillah, said. He also complained about a dilapidated condition of roads in the town.

    Governor Musa Khan Akbarzada told a gathering on Monday that developmental projects would be launched in areas where the NATO-backed local police forces had been deputed to keep guard.

    Andar district chief Mohammad Qasim Desiwal, however, said reconstruction projects were underway in his district.

    He also said a number of schemes were being launched in Painda Mohammad, Sahab Khan, Meri and other areas in the near future