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    Security transition completed in Ghor

    CHAGHCHARAN CITY (PAN): The security responsibility for seven districts in western Ghor province transitioned to Afghan forces as part of the third phase of on Saturday, officials said.

    Security in Lal Wa Sarjangal and Dawlatyar districts as well as the provincial capital had been handed over to Afghan forces last year.

    With the shift in security responsibility for Tiara, Saghar, Tolak, Pasaband, Charsadda, Shahrak and Dolina districts, the transition process has come to an end in Ghor.

    Speaking at ceremony at Lithuania’s Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) office, Governor Syed Anwar Rahmati praised the smooth transfer of security. But he called for equipping and enhancing Afghan forces’ numbers in Ghor.

    Less than 1,500 Afghan police and a battalion of army were presently stationed in the province, he said, demanding the deployment of another battalion of public order police, a brigade of army and 1,000 members of the Afghan Local Police (ALP) to deal with security challenges. 

    Currently, 124 illegal armed groups and armed rebels are active in the province, where security problems had recently increased, according to the governor. He said local forces needed air support from international troops.

    Provincial council head, Fazal Haq Ihsan, also welcomed the move, but warned of possible security problems. “So far, no action has been taken against illegal armed groups and rebels,” he said.

    The PRT head said Afghan forces had the capability of providing security for the local population. He hoped the nationwide transition process would be successfully completed by the end of 2014.