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    NSC agrees to conditional NATO presence after 2014

    KABUL (PAN): The National Security Council (NSC) on Sunday decided that foreign troops could stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014 based on an understanding with the government in Kabul.

    The decision came at an NSC meeting chaired by President Karzai, who also ordered the expulsion of US special forces from central Maidan Wardak province within two weeks.

    Presidential spokesman Aimal Faizi told a media briefing after the meeting: “In case of an agreement and if the Afghan government deems their presence necessary, the international soldiers may remain in the country after 2014.”

    He said the NSC, which discussed the modalities of the NATO-led troop presence, stressed the need for talks between the two sides on the numbers of soldiers staying in the country, their future role and the places where they would be stationed.

    The NATO-led forces, scheduled to leave the country, will complete the ongoing security switch to their Afghan partners by the end of 2014.