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    Zabul administration branded as corrupt

    QALAT (PAN): Hundreds of people, who gathered in this capital city of southern Zabul province, on Sunday accused the provincial administration of corruption and branded it as incompetent, calling for the governor and his deputy to be replaced with immediate effect.

    Prominent among the participants were Senator Zalmai Zabuli and Zabul High Peace Panel chief Mohammad Daud Gulzar. A large number of tribal elders, religious scholars and residents attended the gathering held in the city's main mosque.

    Gulzar accused Governor Mohammd Ashraf Nasiri of fueling differences among various tribes in order to prolong his stay in office. He called on Qalat residents to foil such political plots and allow no one, including the governor, to reach their illegitimate goals.  

    Parliamentarian Zalmai Zabuli said the governor and his deputy had committed "widespread corruption" in the name of development projects. He said Nasiri had usurped the rights of Zabul residents.

    The lawmaker claimed he had "credible documents" showing the quality of many projects in Zabul had been compromised. He warned of taking the masses to streets if the central government and the Attorney General Office (AGO) did not act to punish graft-tainted officials.

    Deputy Governor Mohammad Jan Rasoulyar said every Afghan had the right to express his/her opinion, but the gathering in Qalat had been organised by individuals with self-interest.