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    Young traders’ association on the cards

     KABUL (PAN): The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries would establish an association of young traders in Kabul with the support of other related organisations, officials said on Monday.

    In addition to the association in Kabul, councils of traders would be set up in other provinces, the head of the Kabul Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Rahimullah Hamidi, told reporters.

    They would assist young traders who would be trained by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and several government departments, he said, hoping the union would help strengthen businesses.

    Hameedi believed the young traders would be able to share their experiences regarding trade with each other and improve their businesses. It was the first gathering of young traders who would establish a 30-member association in near future.

    The association is important for sharing experiences and providing financial support to each other, said a participant of the gathering, Mustafa, 25.

    Shazia Kohistani, the head of a logistic supply company, said such gatherings would improve their capacity and help them better manage their businesses.