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    Halt raids on medical facilities, forces asked

    KABUL (PAN): Afghan forces and NATO-led foreign troops were on Tuesday urged to immediately halt intrusions into medical facilities in the conflict-torn country.

    The Alliance of Health Organisations (AHO) issued the call after ISAF troops searched, occupied and damaged a clinic in the Syedabad district of central Wardak province on Feb. 11.

    “We are very concerned. From all across the country, we are receiving reports about armed intrusions into health facilities,” said Dr. Sayed Ashrafuddin Aini, the AHO chairman.

    Andreas Stefansson, country director of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan that supports the clinic, slammed the action as unacceptable. We are very disappointed.”

    The SCA had been given guarantees by ISAF after the committed protested against the three-day occupation of its clinic in Chak district in October last year.

    On Monday, AHO representatives met Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) officials to discuss the problem. “We are glad to note that MoPH takes the problem seriously and is willing to support us.

    “If Afghans are to access health services, it is very important that doctors and midwives feel safe at work and the health facilities provide uninterrupted services to the people,” said Dr Aini.