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    Brazil to make 20 aircraft for Afghan air force

    WASHINGTON (PAN): The United States on Wednesday announced a Brazilian
    firm would supply 20 aircraft to the fledging Afghan air force months
    before the scheduled 2014 completion of security transition.
    The US Air Force has decided to award Sierra Nevada/Embraer a $427
    million contract to provide light air support aircraft and associated
    maintenance and training for the Afghan Air Force, a Pentagon official
    Press Secretary George Little told journalists Deputy US Defense
    Secretary Ash Carter called Brazilian Minister of Defence Celso Amorim
    to inform him about the decision.
    “Under this contract, 20 aircraft are scheduled to be delivered to
    operational air bases in Afghanistan beginning in the summer of 2014
    to conduct advanced flight training, surveillance, close air support
    and air interdiction missions,” Little said.
    The platform was critical to providing enabling support to the Afghan
    National Security Forces as part of America’s enduring support to the
    country following the completion of the ISAF mission at the end of
    2014, Little said.