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    Afghan traders seek alternative transit routes

    HERAT CITY (PAN): Afghan traders, concerned at their problems in Pakistan and Iran, on Monday asked the government to find alternative transit routes for their import and export businesses.

    The traders who held a gathering in Herat city, the capital of western Herat province that borders Iran, said Pakistan and Iran were creating problems for them by acting against the transit agreements.

    Chamber of Commerce and Industries chief for Herat, Hajji Seroos Alaf, said the Afghan government should find alternative transit routes for traders.

    Industrialists association chief, Hamidullah Khadim, said the government should open transit roads connecting Afghanistan with central Asian countries through the Torghondai, Heratan, Sherkhan and Wakhan dry ports.

    He said Iran continued to create hurdles for their goods regardless of transit laws. He said they wanted alternative routes to reduce their dependence on the two neighbouring countries.