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    Govt, jihadi leaders agree to Taliban Qatar office

    KABUL (PAN): Former jihadi leaders and some prominent politicians who held a meeting with President Hamid Karzai on Monday agreed to the opening of a Taliban political bureau in Qatar for the sake of a sustainable peace and stability in the country.

    Chaired by Karzai, the meeting in the Presidential Palace also evaluated recent progress in the government-initiated peace process, the Karzai office said in a statement.

    The meeting participants stressed achieving peace was a major demand of the Afghan people and their agreement to the opening of a Taliban office in Doha was to put this hope of Afghans into practice.

    They said since some foreign sides were also involved in the peace process and negotiations with the armed militants, Afghanistan should not allow any foreign side to use the hope of Afghans for peace as a political tool to serve its own interests.

    The participants said Afghanistan should be very careful with regard to any progress in the peace process and that foreign arbitration should not harm the system and the unity of Afghan nation.