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    Accidents and Disasters
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    Slipping mountain threatens 300 homes

    FAIZABAD (PAN): A large section of a mountain is slipping in the Tishkan district of northwestern Badakhshan province, threatening 300 homes, said residents, who appealed for urgent evacuation to safer places.

    Accidents & Disasters

    Coal gas kills 3 boys at Helmand mosque

    LASHKARGAH (PAN): Coal gas has killed three people and wounded a fourth at a mosque in the Sangin district of southern Helmand province, an official said on Wednesday.

    Accidents & Disasters

    Farah gas cylinder blast leaves 2 dead

    FARAH CITY (PAN): Two people were killed and a third wounded in a gas cylinder explosion in the capital of western Farah province, an official said on Tuesday.

    Accidents & Disasters

    1st snowfall in Kabul brings joy & hassle

    KABUL (PAN): The winter’s first snowfall on Monday thrilled residents of this central capital, but caused commuters and pedestrians a lot of inconvenience.

    Accidents & Disasters

    6 of a family burnt to death in Helmand

    LASHKARGAH (PAN): Six people of a family have been burnt to death in a blaze caused by petrol in southern Helmand province, health officials said on Thursday.

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    Tirinkot seminary fire injures 11 students

    TIRINKOT (PAN): Nearly a dozen students were injured as a result of a seminary fire in Tirinkot, the capital of central Uruzgan province, on Sunday.

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    Ex-district chief gunned down in Paktika

    SHARAN (PAN): Unidentified gunmen shot dead a former district chief along with three children in southeastern Paktika province on Saturday, an official said.

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    11 Afghans killed, 2 injured in Iran road crash

    KABUL (PAN): Eleven Afghans were among 15 people killed in a crash involving several cars on a road in neighbouring Iran, while two bullet-riddled bodies of Afghan brothers have been found in Balochistan province southwestern Pakistan, reports said on Thursday.

    Accidents & Disasters

    Avalanche kills 4 in Nuristan

    JALALABAD (PAN): Four people, including a policeman, died after being hit by an avalanche in eastern Nuristan province, an official said on Monday.

    Accidents & Disasters

    2 of a Sikh family die in Wardak crash

    KABUL (PAN): Two people have died and five others sustained injuries in two separate accidents involving cars in central Maidan Wardak province, an official said on Wednesday.