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    Chinarak coalmine extraction underway amid unclear contract

     KABUL (Pajhwok): Despite the fact that the contract was signed with Afghan company one year ago, the findings of Pajhwok Afghan News show local groups continue extracting the Chinarak coalmine illegally in northern Baghlan province.

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    Sharp rise in kidnappings worries Nangarharis

    JALALABAD (Pajhwok): Residents of eastern Nangarhar province say they are worried about increasing incidents of kidnapping for ransom, as so far 20 hostage-taking events were staged this solar year.

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    Vocational courses empower Kandahar women

    KANDAHAR CITY (Pajhwok): Despite a budget shortage, the Women’s Affairs Department in southern Kandahar province has been able to train hundreds of women in various skills to help them become self-reliant, an official said on Sunday.


    In Kabul, children are 'rented' out to beggars

    KABUL (Pajhwok/IMC): Begging on the street has spawned a vicious practice: beggar mafia are renting children in Kabul, and drugging them with opium to ply their trade.

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    NATO fatalities in Afghanistan fall by 62pc

    KABUL (PAN): The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) lost 132 soldiers during the outgoing year, showing a decline of 62 percent, compared with the alliance fatalities in 2012, an official said on Wednesday.


    In Ghazni, last gasps of copper industry

    GHAZNI CITY (PAN): Many people of southern Ghazni province once worked as coppersmiths, setting up dozens of shops in the provincial capital. But now this craftsmanship is on the verge of disappearance.


    Women’s park converted into graveyard

    GHAZNI CITY (PAN): Residents say a women’s recreation park in Ghazni City, the capital of southern Ghazni province, is being converted to a graveyard as many bring their deceased relatives for burial to the garden.

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    Mine revenue ends up in Taliban pockets

    FAIZABAD (PAN): Officials in northeastern Badakhshan province say individuals continue excavating the tourmaline mine illegally, with its income and profit going into the pockets of insurgents.


    Sigh of relief as road cleared after 5 years

    ASADABAD (PAN): Security posts have been established in the Chapa Dara district of eastern Kunar after a massive military offensive codenamed “Tofan” (Storm) against insurgents to pave the ground for reconstruction projects, local officials say.

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    Bribes to lower property rates and evade tax

    KABUL (PAN/IMC): Sixty percent of property owners in Kabul do not pay the annual cleanliness tax to the municipality, reveals an investigation by the Independent Media Consortium (IMC) Productions.