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    Sports teams have improved in Logar: official

    PUL-I-ALAM (PAN): Olympic Committee officials on Sunday said teams of various games had improved and coordination among them had strengthened in central Logar province.


    Residents lack access to voter card centres

    PUL-I-ALAM (PAN): Residents in four districts of central Logar province have not been able so far to obtain voter cards because they lack access to registration centres.

    Accidents & Disasters

    Early snowfall, rains worry growers

    PUL-I-ALAM/GHAZNI CITY (PAN): Farmers and officials on Tuesday voiced concerns at the early snowfall in certain parts of the country, fearing that cultivation of crops could be delayed.


    Worshippers abandon Pul-i-Alam mosque

    PUL-I-ALAM (PAN): Worshippers have deserted the main mosque in Pul-i-Alam, the capital of central Logar province, in the aftermath of a bomb blast that killed Governor Arsala Jamal on the first day of Eidul Adha.

    Security and Crime

    Rebels killed in clash; civilians injured in blast

    GHAZNI CITY/PUL-I-ALAM (PAN): Five armed militants have been killed in the Charkh district of central Logar province and three civilians injured in Ghazni, officials said on Tuesday.

    Security and Crime

    Jamal’s assassination: Security officials held

    PUL-I-ALAM (PAN): Two security officials have been detained in connection with the assassination of Logar Governor Arsala Jamal, the acting governor said on Monday.

    Accidents & Disasters

    Logar governor killed in bomb blast at mosque

    PUL-I-ALAM (PAN): A bomb explosion killed the governor of central Logar province on Tuesday when he was delivering a speech to mark the first day of Eidul Adha, officials said.


    Work on industrial town begins in Logar

    PUL-I-ALAM (PAN): Logar Governor Arsala Jamal laid the foundation stone of an industrial town in the Mohammad Agha district of the central province on Wednesday.


    Logar candidates concerned at rising insecurity

    PUL-I-ALAM (PAN): Candidates for provincial council elections in central Logar province fear voting in some districts is unlikely to take place due to security threats.

    Security and Crime

    Education office set alight, student killed

    PUL-I-ALAM (PAN): An education office was set alight and a student killed in central Maidan Wardak province while a teacher was shot dead by militants in neighbouring Logar, officials said on Monday.