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    Security and Crime

    Afghan border police target Pakistani checkpoints

    JALALABAD (PAN): Afghan border police attacked checkpoints in Pakistan Wednesday night in response to recent artillery attacks from the other side of the border, an official said. 

    Security and Crime

    2 policemen killed in Laghman twin blasts

    JALALABAD (PAN): Two policemen were killed and nine others wounded in two back-to-back explosions in eastern Laghman province, officials said on Saturday.

    Security and Crime

    Preacher shot dead in Laghman mosque

    JALALABAD (PAN): Unidentified gunmen shot dead a preacher and wounded three others inside a mosque in eastern Laghman province, residents and officials said on Thursday.

    JALALABAD, Feb 01, 2011: Police display recovered weapons to media prior to their delivery to DIAG programme in eastern Nangarhar province.

    Security and Crime

    Blast hits army vehicle in Nangarhar

    JALALABAD (PAN): An Afghan soldier was injured in a roadside bombing in the eastern province of Nangarhar, officials said on Thursday.


    Jamal Qadir elected council chief of Nangarhar

    JALALABAD (PAN): Jamal Qadir, the son of a former Nangarhar governor, has been elected head of the provincial council in this eastern province, but his predecessor has called for an inquiry claimin

    Governance,Security and Crime

    255 militants killed in the east: Afghan general

    JALALABAD (PAN): Two hundred and fifty-five militants and 17 security personnel have been killed in eastern Afghanistan since the beginning of the ongoing Afghan year, officials said on S

    Security and Crime

    Airstrike leaves 5 rebels dead in Laghman

    JALALABAD (PAN): An airstrike by NATO-led international troops killed five Taliban fighters in eastern Laghman province, an official said on Sunday.

    JALALABAD, Jan 22, 2011: Alcoholic beverages are shown to media after they were seized by police in eastern Nangarhar province.

    JALALABAD, Jan 22, 2011: Two alleged traffickers of weapons, explosive materials and alcoholic beverages are shown to media by police in eastern Nangarhar province.