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    Security and Crime

    Laghman intelligence officer shot dead

    JALALABAD (PAN): Militants shot dead and intelligence officer and injured his wife in the eastern province of Laghman, officials said on Saturday.


    5,000 Nangarhar teachers being trained

    JALALABAD (PAN):  The education department of eastern Nangarhar province on Thursday said it had launched training for 5,000 teachers on new textbooks.

    Security and Crime

    Militants close Nuristan school, beat teachers

    JALALABAD (PAN): Militants forcibly closed a school after beating its teachers in the Wanth Waigal district of the remote eastern province of Nuristan, officials said on Wednesday.

    Security and Crime

    5 policemen killed in insurgent assault

    FARAH (PAN): Five policemen were killed during a gun attack by armed insurgents in the Pusht-i-Rod district of western Farah province, officials said on Tuesday.

    Security and Crime

    Nuristan police complete training in Laghman

    JALALABAD (PAN): Eighty-seven public order police, including officers, on Monday completed a weeks-long training programme in eastern Laghman province, officials said. 

    Security and Crime

    ISAF soldiers injured in blast

    JALALABAD (PAN): Four NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) soldiers were injured following a roadside bombing in the eastern province of Laghman, an official said on Monday.

    Security and Crime

    Taliban sets posts, seek usher from growers

    JALALABAD (PAN): Some tribal elders and officials in eastern Nangarhar province on Saturday claimed the Taliban had set up check-posts in several districts and were seeking usher from growers.

    Business & Economics

    US to fund repairs of dam turbines: Sherzai

    JALALABAD (PAN): The US Congress has allocated $31 million for the repairs of three turbines at the Daronta dam in eastern Nangarhar province, an official said on Saturday.


    Elders, MPs seek zonal meeting on insecurity

    JALALABAD (PAN): Elders and public representatives on Saturday asked Nangarhar Governor Gul Agha Sherzai to hold a grand gathering of tribes and governors on escalating unrest in the eastern zone.

    Security and Crime

    Ex-Taliban officials detained in Nuristan

    JALALABAD (PAN): Two former Taliban officials and three Pakistani citizens have been arrested by police in eastern Nuristan province, an official said on Thursday.