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    Rebel leaders, civilians dead in drone attack

    JALALABAD (PAN): Four Taliban commanders and two civilians were killed in a drone attack carried out by the international troops in eastern Nuristan province on Monday, officials said.

    Security and Crime

    Afghan copter makes hard landing in Nuristan

    JALALABAD (PAN): An Afghan Air Force helicopter delivering humanitarian aid made a hard landing in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday, officials said.

    Security and Crime

    Civilians killed, injured in Nangarhar raid

    JALALABAD (PAN): An eight-year-old girl was killed and his father injured along with two other children during a joint operation by Afghan and foreign troops in eastern Nangarhar province, officials said on Saturday.

    Security and Crime

    HR activists, civil society leaders urge Ramadan truce

    JALALABAD (PAN):  The Independent Human Rights Commission (IHRC) and more than 50 civil society groups in eastern Nangarhar province on Thursday asked the parties war to declare a ceasefire during the Holy month of Ramadan.

    Security and Crime

    Gunmen abduct 5 police in Nangarhar

    JALALABAD (PAN): Unidentified gunmen have abducted five policemen in the Hesarak district of eastern Nangarhar province, officials said on Wednesday.


    Nangarhar to have 415 mobile schools

    JALALABAD (PAN): Donor agencies on Wednesday pledged to establish 415 village-level mobile schools to promote rural education in eastern Nangarhar province.

    Accidents & Disasters

    5 killed, 25 injured in Nangarhar floods

    JALALABAD (PAN):  Five people were killed, 25 injured and hundreds of livestock away by floods in four districts of eastern Nangarhar province, officials said on Wednesday.

    Business & Economics

    Car dealers call off hunger strike

    JALALABAD (PAN): Car dealers, who went on hunger three days ago against a Cabinet decision on disassembling and selling parts of vehicles awaiting legal documents, called off their protest in eastern Nangarhar province on Tuesday.

    Security and Crime

    Nuristan governor survives second attack

    JALALABAD (PAN): Nuristan Governor Tamim Nuristani survived a second attack on his life in less than 24 hours on Tuesday morning when militants targeted his motorcade in the eastern province, said officials.

    Security and Crime

    Halt to house searches in Noor Gram urged

    JALALABAD (PAN): A public representative on Monday asked security forces to stop house searches in the Noor Gram district of eastern Nuristan province.