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    Security and Crime

    Dozens reported dead in Uruzgan fighting

    TIRINKOT (Pajhwok): Seven policemen and dozens of militants have been killed in an ongoing clash in the Deh Rawud district of central Uruzgan province, officials said on Wednesday.


    Man guns down father, 3 brothers

    TIRINKOT (Pajhwok): A man shot dead his father and three brothers in central Uruzgan province as a result of what appeared to be a family dispute, the governor said on Saturday.

    Security and Crime

    ANA soldier guns down civilian in Uruzgan

    TARINKOT (Pajhwok): Dozens of residents on Tuesday staged a protest against an Afghan National Army (ANA) soldier who allegedly killed a young man in central Uruzgan province.


    Dozens of Uruzgan youth donate blood

    TIRINKOT (Pajhwok): Dozens of youth and civil society activists donated blood to the Public Health Department in central Uruzgan province on Tuesday.

    Security and Crime

    Taliban capture ALP post after insider attack

    TRINIKOT (Pajhwok): The Taliban on Monday claimed overrunning a local police check-post after an insider attack in central Uruzgan province.

    Security and Crime

    5 civilians killed, 14 wounded in Uruzgan blasts

    TIRINKOT (Pajhwok): Five civilians were killed and 14 others wounded during two separate bomb blasts in central Uruzgan province, officials said Saturday.

    Security and Crime

    Man kills 6 family members over land dispute

    TIRINKOT (Pajhwok): A young man shot dead six members of his family, including his father, a brother and wives of his two brothers before got himself killed in a police encounter in central Uruzgan province on early Wednesday morning, sources said.

    Security and Crime

    Nearly 100 killed in Nangarhar, Uruzgan clashes

    JALALABAD/TIRINKOT (Pajhwok):  Dozens of insurgents, mostly Pakistanis, have been killed during separate security operations in eastern Nangarhar and central Uruzgan provinces, officials said on Thursday.

    Security and Crime

    Gizab district may fall, Uruzgan governor warns

    TARINKOT (Pajhwok): The governor of central Uruzgan province warned on Thursday if the central government did not take urgent measures, Gizab district might fall to militants. 

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    1 killed, 8 injured as aircraft runs into wall

    KABUL (Pajhwok): An Afghan National Army (ANA) plane ran into a wall in central Uruzgan province on Sunday evening, killing one person and injuring eight others, an official said.