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    Samangan road project benefits thousands of families

    AIBAK (PAN): Thousands of families have benefitted from the gravelling of a road in the Roy Do Ab district road of northern Samangan province, an official said.

    Security and Crime

    Residents seek probe into Samangan deaths

    AIBAK (PAN): Hundreds of residents protested on Saturday against police for killing two civilians in northern Samangan province. However, police insisted the dead were militants.


    34 development projects inaugurated in Samangan

    AIBAK (PAN): Up to 34 development projects funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) have been inaugurated in the northern province of Samangan, an official said on Satur

    Business & Economics

    Samangan to get new electrical station

    AIBAK (PAN): The World Bank launched a project to bring electricity to underserved parts of Samangan province, officials said on Tuesday.

    Security and Crime

    Driver killed as live electric wire falls on truck

    AIBAK (PAN): A driver was killed and four fuel tankers were torched when an overhead electric wire snapped and fell on vehicles in northern Samangan province, officials said on Thursday.


    7 new school buildings inaugurated in Samangan

    AIBAK (PAN): Seven newly-constructed buildings for schools were opened on Wednesday in the northern province of Samanagan, officials said.

    AIBAK, Sept 29, 2010: Photo of a crash-machine that started work on Wednesday after being installed in Sang Shikan area of Aibak, the capital of northern Samangan province.

    X-AIBAK, Sept 27, 2010: View of an area, where a rock separated from a mountain in Pas Kanda area, on the outskirts of northern Samangan provincial capital, Aibak, which had threatened 100 families

    Security and Crime

    Two Taliban killed by their own bomb

    AIBAK (PAN): Two suspected Taliban militants were killed and a third injured when the bomb they were planting beneath a bridge went off accidentally in northern Samangan province, an official said on Friday.


    Floods destroy 3,000 houses in Takhar

    TALOQAN (PAN): Heavy flooding in northern Takhar province has destroyed over 3,000 homes, killed dozens of livestock and cut off transport between nine districts, officials said on Friday.