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    Security and Crime

    38 rebels perish in Kandahar offensive

    KANDAHAR CITY (Pajhwok): As many as 38 militants have been killed during operations in the Panjwai and Maiwand districts of southern Kandahar province, police said on Tuesday.

    Security and Crime

    Security personnel accused of killing 6 civilians

    KANDAHAR CITY (Pajhwok): Residents of the Khakrez district of southern Kandahar province on Tuesday accused security forces of killing six members of a family, including women and children, in a mortar fire incident.

    Business & Economics

    Despite problems, Kandahar exports $8m grapes

    KANDAHAR CITY (Pajhwok): Grapes worth $8 million have been exported from southern Kandahar province this season, showing a significant increase, the provincial chapter of the Afghanistan Chambers of Commerce (ACCI) and Industries said.


    Lack of shelter, jobs impede refugees’ return

    KANDAHAR (Pajhwok): Government officials say around 1,080 families have returned to southern Kandahar province from Pakistan this year, compared with more than 2,000 households in 2013.

    Security and CrimeNo details available

    Taliban claim of district’s fall rejected

    KAMDAHAR CITY (Pajhwok): The Taliban on Thursday claimed capturing the Registan district of southern Kandahar province, but the authorities rejected the assertion as exaggerated.

    Security and Crime

    5 policemen killed in Maiwad bomb attack

    KANDAHAR CITY (Pajhwok): Five policemen were killed in a suicide bomb attack in southern Kandahar province, where the militants hanged a civilian, on Wednesday, an official said.

    Security and Crime

    4 policemen wounded in Kandahar blast

    KANDAHAR CITY (Pajhwok): Four policemen were wounded in a bomb blast in southern Kandahar province, where the militants hanged a civilian, on Wednesday, an official said.


    Call for infrastructure projects in Kandahar

    KANDAHAR CITY (Pajhwok): Dozens of youth on Tuesday staged a protest in southern Kandahar province, asking the new government to launch key infrastructure projects there.

    Business & Economics

    Gas price hike blamed on smuggling

    KANDAHAR CITY (Pajhwok): The smuggling of liquefied gas to Pakistan has resulted in increased prices of the commodity in southern Kandahar province, dealers alleged on Thursday.


    Lalai slams delay in provincial poll results

    KANDAHAR CITY (Pajhwok): A member of the Kandahar provincial council on Tuesday said the prolonged electoral crisis had adversely affected every sphere of life and people had lost the address where to go for resolving their problems.