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    5 children dead in Paktia roof collapse

    GARDEZ (PAN): Five children were killed and their parents injured when the roof of their house caved in overnight following heavy rains in the Chamkani district of southeastern Paktia province, an official said on Friday.

    GARDEZ, Apr 15, 2012: Flames of the smoke rising from police headquarters that came under militants attack in the southeastern province of Paktia on Sunday.

    Security and Crime

    No night raids after security switch in Paktia: Ghani

    GARDEZ (PAN): Afghan forces are ready to take security control from international soldiers in the southeastern province of Paktia, a senior official said on Friday.

    Security and Crime

    Ahmadzai’s visit to Gardez marred by blast

    GARDEZ (PAN): A roadside bomb blast injured three policemen ahead of Security Transition Commission Chairman Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai’s visit to southeastern Paktia province.

    Security and Crime

    6 militants held in Paktia operation

    GARDEZ (PAN): Six militants were arrested by a joint Afghan-international security force during an operation in the Zurmat district of southeastern Paktia province, the alliance said on Friday.

    Security and Crime

    Paktia women seek role in peace efforts

    GARDEZ (PAN): Around 200 women gathered in southeastern Paktia province on Monday, voicing their support for the ongoing peace process and seeking a role in the parleys.


    3 women die due lack of midwives in Paktia clinics

    GARDEZ (PAN): Three women have died during childbirth due to a lack of midwives at health clinics in two districts of southeastern Paktia province, officials and residents said on Wednesday.

    Security and Crime

    3 die after inhaling poisonous gas in Paktia

    GARDEZ (PAN): Three people were killed after inhaling poisonous gas inside a well in the Mirzaka district of southeastern Paktia province, an official said on Tuesday.


    Female Paktia students seek special university quota

    GARDEZ (PAN): Female students hailing from remote areas of southeastern Paktia province on Monday urged the President and the higher education minister to set up for them a special quota for admissions to universities.


    Paktia MPs say local officials incompetent

    GARDEZ (PAN): Wolesi Jirga members representing Paktia on Thursday said none of the 27 development projects approved for the southeastern province this solar year has been executed, blaming the failure on incompetent local officials.