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    Projects completed in Paktia, Laghman

    GARDEZ/JALALABAD (PAN): A newly-constructed building for a district headquarters was inaugurated in southeastern Paktia province while scores of development projects have been completed in eastern

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    4 foreign engineers abducted in Paktia

    GARDEZ (PAN): Four foreign engineers along with their Afghan driver have been abducted by unknown gunmen in southeastern Paktia province, bordering Pakistan, Sunday morning, a senior offi

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    ISAF troops detain teachers, students

    GARDEZ (PAN): NATO-led soldiers arrested two teachers along with three students at two religious seminaries on the charge of having links to the Taliban fighters in southeastern Paktia province on

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    Road workers killed in Paktia airstrike

    GARDEZ (PAN): Seven road workers, including security guards of the Gardez-Zurmat highway, were killed in a US airstrike in the southeastern province of Paktia, an official said on Saturda

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    Military corps blast kills four

    GARDEZ (PAN): A powerful explosion -- said to be a suicide attack -- killed four people, including two foreign soldiers, at the Gardez Military Corps in southeastern Paktia province on Sunday.

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    Burglars captured in Paktia

    GARDEZ (PAN): Security forces arrested four burglars and recovered cash and weapons from them in Gardez, the capital of southeastern Paktia province, on Thursday, an official said.

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    District chief wounded in Paktia attack

    GARDEZ (PAN): The Sayed Karam district chief was wounded and one of his bodyguards killed in a Taliban assault in the southeastern province of Paktika on Wednesday, an official said.

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    Family of 5 killed in roadside blast

    GARDEZ (PAN): A family of five have been killed when their vehicle was struck a roadside bomb in southeastern Paktia province on Sunday, an official said.

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    Suicide attack on NATO base injures Afghan guard

    GARDEZ (PAN): A suicide bomber on foot set off explosives strapped to his body at the gate of a NATO base in southeastern Paktia province on Friday, injuring an Afghan security guard, the alliance