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    Firewood price shoots up in Paktia

    GARDEZ (PAN): The price of firewood had registered a three-fold increase, compared to last year, in the southeastern province of Paktia, resident complained on Monday.

    Accidents & Disasters

    Efforts on to keep Gardez-Kabul highway open

    GARDEZ (PAN): The Department of Public Works on Saturday said it had set aside $82,186 (about 4 million afghanis) for removing snow from the Gardez-Kabul highway at the Sato-Kandaw pass in southeastern Paktia province.  


    Paktia residents unhappy with lawmakers (Video)

    PAKTIA, Dec 08, 2011: Residents of south-eastern Paktia province say that their MPs have not fol

    Security and Crime

    NATO-led troops kill one, injure two

    GARDEZ (PAN): One civilian was killed and two others wounded when International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) troops opened fire on cars in southeastern Paktia province on Thursday, officials and witnesses said.

    Security and Crime

    8 detained for having ties to Haqqani network

    GARDEZ (PAN): An Afghan-foreign force on Wednesday said eight suspected insurgents had been arrested on charges of having links to the Haqqani network in the southeastern province of P

    GARDEZ, Dec 04, 2011: Elders take part in a Jirga to resolve a conflict over a piece of land in the Dandi Tapan district of southeastern Paktia province.

    Accidents & Disasters

    Traffic accidents leave 2 dead in Paktia

    GARDEZ (PAN): Two people died and another 10 sustained injuries in two separate road accidents in south-eastern Paktia province on Saturday, officials said.

    KHOST, Nov 22, 2011: The 203rd Thunder Military Corps spokesman, Saeed Gul Hotak, talks to media about newly graduated Afghan National Army (ANA)'s officers in southeastern Paktia province.

    Security and Crime

    1200 ANA recruits complete training

    GARDEZ (PAN): As many as 1200 trainees passed out on completion of a two-month military training in southeastern Paktia province, an official said on Tuesday.


    Paktia nominees for Bonn Conference criticised

    GARDEZ (PAN): Two members nominated to represent southeastern Paktia province at the upcoming Bonn conference were criticised by a group of 35 civil society members on Tuesday.